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Simple, real-world sales training that gets leases.

Your location, price and, amenities won't handle objections and they won't close the lease for you. You must understand how to SELL renters on the apartment.

Traditional property management training can be overwhelming, out-of-context, and downright boring. Worst of all, most training programs skip SELLING & CLOSING altogether.

Property managers are left to figure out how to sell prospects on the community and close leases themselves. Not anymore; Leasing University changes everything, with proven training in interactive, contextual, bite-sized courses.

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Training with Leasing University is simple, fun and easy.  Leasing University will help you lease more apartments in less time with less effort. WATCH TESTIMONIALS
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Course 01: The Perfect Leasing Process

Learn the fundamental skills to successfully uncover and satisfy your prospects needs and get the lease.
View course $198

Course 02: Leasing Agent Phone Training

Leasing University gives you the process and tools you need to handle every call and convert prospects into leases. 
View course $198

Course 03: Showing Apartments & Property Tours

High-impact prospect-centric tours that shorten the sales cycle and end in a lease. 
View course $198

Course 04: Handling Renters Objections

Mishandling even the smallest objection will cost you the lease. 
View course $198

Course 05: Closing the Lease

A simple to follow, non-pushy, consultative closing process that ends in a signed lease.
View course $198

Course 06: Follow Up

58% of leasing agents never follow-up, yet, 98% of all leases are signed on the fourth to ninth contact. 
View course $198

Course 07: Renewals & Selling Rent Increases

Renew more residents and, easily increase rents, more effectively, with less stress and total certainty. 
View course $198

Course 08: Online Property Reviews

Get unlimited actionable positive community reviews and neutralize damaging negative reviews.
View course $198

Course 09: Building Value in Your Unit & Property

Selecting the right apartment is confusing and stressful to renters. Leasing University gives leasing agents the tools they need to connect with renters.
View course $198

Course 10: Drilling, Practicing & Simulation

You have learned the powerful Leasing University System, drilling and practicing is going to keep you sharp and make you better.
View course $198

Course 11: Property Manager Motivation & Goal Setting

Get fired up, inspired, motivated. Set your highest goals and achieve them while leaving competing properties in the dust. 
View course $198

Leasing Consultant Power Questions

When you ask your Prospects these Power Questions you dramatically increase your odds of getting the lease.
View course $198

Leasing Consultant Power Statements

The apartment won't lease itself. These Power Statements will help you move the deal forward. 
View course $198

Leasing Consultant Power Situations

Control the situations that solve problems and put you in the position to get the lease. 
View course $198

Leasing Consultant Power Skills

The Power Skills you need to be one of the Greats of Leasing Apartments. 
View course $198

Leasing Consultant Power Responses

Know what to say and how to say it when your prospect put you in a difficult situation. 
View course $198

Leasing Agent Daily Planner

Stay more focused. Prioritize like a Pro. Increase productivity. Get more leases.
View course $38

Leasing University for Maintenance

Get more done, deal with difficult residents and help your community lease units.
View course $248

Maintenance Daily Planner

Stay more focused. Prioritize like a Pro. Increase productivity. Help the community get leases.
View course $38

Leasing University Live Training Event

Leasing University's Live Leasing Consultant Training is a 1 or 2 day live interactive training event designed to educate, train and reinforce the perfect process for closing leases. Get your leasing consultants the training they need to achieve your occupancy goals ahead of schedule and under-budget. Call us now at (888) 735-7451. 
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Certified Leasing Consultant

The Most Important Certification for Property Management & Leasing
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