Leasing University Live Training Event by Leasing University

Leasing University Live Training Event

The most effective Property Management Sales Training in the World.

Educate, Train, and Reinforce the Perfect Process for Closing Leases.

Leasing University's Live Leasing Consultant Training is designed to educate, train, and reinforce the perfect process for closing leases. 

Get your leasing consultants the training they need to achieve your occupancy goals ahead of schedule and under-budget. 

Leasing Consultant Live Training

Call us now at (888) 735-7451 to learn more about Leasing University's 1 and 2 day Live Training Events. 

"Give Matt Easton 1 Day with your people and he will make them leasing machines!"

All I can say is wow. Whatever you have heard about Leasing University and Matt Easton, times the awesomeness by 1000! Matt Easton saved my career. I love leasing now! 
April Andrich - Community Manager at Buckingham Management
This training is so good that I can put a totally green leasing agent in Leasing University and I get a professional closing machine back. It has a 100% success rate for us. 
Brad Garrett - Regional Property Manager at USPM
The Mark sat hovering around 87% occupancy for over a year. Our 4 person team did Leasing University and what we learned helped us get our 600 unit property to 96.8% occupancy in 34 days!
Katrina Wadsworth - Leasing Agent at The Mark Apartments
I wish Leasing University Property Manager Training was available 15 years ago when I started in Property Management. It would have saved me a lot of time and hard work.
Gina Ransom - Property Manager at Highlands Apartments
I want to thank Matt Easton for making such a big difference in such a short amount of time. We are overjoyed with the success Leasing University has brought.
Hedi Hilldabrand - VP of Property Management at American Residential

"The greatest training event in the apartment industry"

Matt Easton is excellent, I learned so much with Leasing University. 
Aubrey Treminio - Property Manager at The Village
Not only will Leasing University give you the skills you need to get leases, but Matt Easton makes it fun and entertaining 
Chelsea Granto - Leasing Consultant at The Village
This is the only sales training you need. It is fun, simple and holds your attention.
Dana Thomas - Leasing Consultant at The Village
I want others in property management to know that this is an amazing learning experience! This is the first leasing training that has made a difference in my career. 
Amber Logan - Leasing Consultant at Appleb
Leasing university gave me a totally different perspective on interacting with prospects and residents. The techniques I learned are unlike any other training we've had on leasing.
Samantha Middleton - Leasing Consultant at First Montgomery Group
The training is fun, interactive, keeps your attention and will teach you how to lease apartments
Andrea Francisco - Leasing Consultant at Westgate Village
Leasing University leasing consultant training is very informative. I took away so much from the training that I use on a daily basis! 
Leeanne Dodson - Relocation Consultant at First Montgomery Group
Totally worth it. Great information, very lively and full of actionable strategies 
Kristin Undercuffler - Property Manager at FMG
In my first 3 days using the tools from Leasing University I leased 7 apartments! 7 LEASES IN 3 DAYS!!!! This is the best kept secret in the apartment industry.
Morgan Atwood - Property Manager at Rivers Edge
Leasing University'd property manager training was very helpful. It gave me new ways to get information from prospects and close the lease.
Jill Muzi - Leasing Consultant at The Fairways
I have a team of 17 leasing consultants, Leasing University made each and every one of them my dream salespeople. Thank you Leasing University
Tonya Johnson - Regional Property Manager at Everest
Best new skills to use as a leasing agent and property manager. I am having so much success using the Leasing University techniques to close and lease homes.
Cristina Hullings - Leasing Consultant at Edgewood Properties
If you want the biggest BANG for your investment, have Matt Easton come do a 2 DAY LIVE PROPERTY MANAGER TRAINING. If he is not already totally booked, his training will literally ROI in 3 days. We even leased 4 "problem child" units that had been siting vacant for over 4 months.  
Mark Silvia - Owner Horizon Equity Partners
As a Regional Manager, Leasing University has made my job and my life a lot easier. I have hit everyone of my goals and bonuses since I put my team on Leasing University. 
Diane Little - Regional Property Manager at East West Partners
Leasing University and a great attitude is all you need to be a huge success in property management. 
Brooke Childers - Property Manager at Foxwood Apartments

"I found Matt Easton on YouTube and thought if the training was half as good as his videos, it would be worth it... the training is 1000X BETTER - BUY THE TRAINING!"

All the training I had before did absolutely NOTHING to help me sell the apartment to a prospect. Then, I found Leasing University and Matt Easton taught me  EVERYTHING I needed to know to be successful. I cant thank you enough!
Heather Allen - Leasing Agent at Downing Street
If you are on the fence about Leasing University or having Matt Easton train your people... DO IT!!!! 
Alexandra Grumley - Leasing Consultant at Ashbrook by Broadmoor
My favorite thing about Leasing University is the simplicity and positivity that is infused into the program. Sign up, it is worth it! 
Liz Murphy Grimm - Resident Manager at Broadmoor
We have already booked our LIVE training for next year to make sure Matt Easton spends 2 days with our people. His training totally changed our culture for the better.  
Rod Michael - President of Michaels Capital
Leasing University taught me so many different ways to think about leasing. I loved the whole process. Definitely invest in yourself and do it.  
Andy Godwin - Leasing Professional at Broadmoor at Aksarben Village
I attended a LIVE Training and loved it.  was nervous about subscribing to Leasing University Unlimited but did it anyway. BEST DECISION I EVER MADE! I am out-leasing everyone in my market. 
Casey Simmons - Leasing Consultant at The Edge Apartments
Leasing University is REAL WORLD sales training for leasing consultants
Ann Rose-Green - Leasing Consultant at FMG
This is hands down the training that will help you lease more apartments. 
Greg Belza - Property Manager at United Communities

"What are you waiting for? There is a better way to lease apartments, its called Leasing University."

Matt Easton taught me a great system for handling objections, dealing with friends, family members and other "experts" the prospect brings and he gave me a great system for follow up. 
Jodi Groff - Sales & Leasing at Broadmoor Development
My portfolio is only 1500 units. I was nervous about the expense of LIVE training, we did it anyway and I was so happy with the immediate results that I put my people on the UNLIMITED plan as well! 
Ed Kunipo - Owner TriStar Management
Leasing University taught me how to deal with objections. This is very good information on things you don't always think about.
Cassandra Lambrecht - Leasing Agent at Broadmoor
If you don't think you and your people need training, think again. Coach Matt has made me a CHAMPION! As he says... "BOOM!"
Monique Adams - Assistant Property Manager at Forrest Glenn Apartments
If you like Matt Easton's YouTube videos you will LOVE LOVE LOVE the training. 100% recommend to anyone in property management.
Kate Davis - Leasing Manager at Apex Apartments
Don't hesitate! This is the best training ever, very informative. Matt is very enjoyable and funny! My favorite part was Closing the Lease.
Areatha Miles - Property Manager Parish Apartments
The Phone Training was literally a life saver. We had no idea how difficult our "old" phone training was for renters and the positive impact  Leasing University Phone Training would have. 
Heather Roberts - Senior Property Manager at The Crossings
The training is easy and simple and you will get results right away.
Joy Lewis - Resident Relations at Wilshire
Leasing University is GREAT information! The courses on how to handle objections and difficult situations are game changers
Lana Noack - Property Manager at Broadmoor Development